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 Biblical Anatolia Tours
Approximately 60% of the names of the places mentioned in the Bible are in Turkey. According to the Old Testament, Noah's children, the animals he saved in the ark began the repopulation of the Earth from Mt. Ararat in the east of Turkey. Abraham's call to greatness came in Harran in southeast of Turkey. This city was called Ur of the Chaldeans. Archaeologists have found that the Hittites, Urartians, Phrygians, Assyrians, Cimmerians, Lydians and other civilizations  who were important to the Old Testament once lived in Turkey. King Tiglath - Pileser the third of Assyria conquered both Israel and Urartu. The people of the Bible left records of their activities in Anatolia that span the ages from Noah to St. Paul. Here in Anatolia rise the two rivers that bounded Eden. Lake Hazar south of Elazig in the Taurus mountain range is the source of the Tigris. The Euphrates fed by the snow and rain of the mountains in eastern Turkey.
The Seven Churches of the Revelation are in Turkey

Ephesus: Revelation 1:11, 2:1-7;
Acts 18, 19-28; 19:1-41 Ephesians
Smyrna (Izmir): Revelation 2:8-11
Pergamon: Revelation 2:12-17
Thyatira: Revelation 2:18-29; Acts16:14
Sardis: Revelation 3:1-6
Philadelphia: Revelation 3:7-13
Laodicea: Revelation 3:14-22; Colossians 2:1,4:13 -16


Up until the unification of the major part of Asia Minor under the Roman Empire, its history had been one of a succession of small states. Roman control began in 190 B.C. When the Seleucid ruler Antiochus the Great was defeated at Magnesia, and spread in 133 B.C when the first Roman province of Asia was organized in the region near Ephesus. Bithynia, Pontus and Cilicia came under Roman rule. Shortly before the Christian era, Galata and Cappadocia fell under Roman influence. It was in Antioch; today's Antakya in southern Turkey that the disciples were first called "Christians" ( Acts 11:26 ). The destruction and plunder of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Romans under Titus was followed by a great emigrations, conducive to the spread of Christianity in all directions. The first Christian community came to encompass the Mediterranean area from Syria to Spain. Paul and his writings were very important in the spread of Christianity and the blending of Hebrew and Near Eastern thought. The period of the early development of Christianity was one of peace and stability but after the re - organization of the Roman Empire by the king Diocletian in 297 A.D.,the area was again split into small political units. Christianity provided a common language and religion.
 Tour Code LRT 152/C Cappadocial Tour ( Daily)

Visit Kaymakli underground city, home to early Christian refugees. Drive into the magical surreal lunarlandscape of Cappadocia. Visit rocky hills and valleys dominated by Erciyes Mountain (Mt. Argeus). Cappadocia was  settled by neolitic people then became the home of Hittites, Romans, Early Christians, Byzantines and Seljuks.
Visit Devrent valley, Pasabag rock churches, Goreme Church Valley, Zelve rock monasteries, Avanos town, Ortahisar and Uchisar rock castle.
 Tour Code LRT 152/D Cappadocia Tour ( Daily)

Visit Soganli village famous with its rock churches decorated with the frescos from 14 th.cent. Drive to visit Taskinpasa Mosque, Keşlik Monastery and Cemil village and its town church. Drive to Mustafapasa town, after local lunch in an old greek house visit The church of Helena and Constantine, St.Basil Church, Sinassos Church and the church of St.Stephanos.
 Tour Code LRT 152/I Istanbul + Cappadocia + Seven Churches Tour  (9 Days/8 Nights)
1st. day: Arrive in Istanbul and transfer to the hotel .
Overnight in Istanbul.

2nd. day: Bosphorus Cruise, in the morning and  visit of Chora Church and the Spice Bazaar.
Overnight in Istanbul.

3rd. day: After breakfast, visit Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. After Lunch, visit the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and The Grand Bazaar.
Overnight in Istanbul.

4th. day: Transfer to Istanbul airport for the flight to Kayseri, Cappadocia Region. Visit Soganli village and the rock churches,Taskinpasa mosque,Keslik monastery and Cemil village . After having lunch in a village house walk in Mustafapasa town and drive tovisit Kaymakli underground city which is the largest of all others.
Overnight in Cappadocia.

5th. day: Discover the surreal landscape of Cappadocia. Visit The Fairy Chimneys, troglodyte dwellings,and valleys.
Visit Dervent and Pasabag Valleys, Zelve and  Goreme Open air Museums famous with rockcut churches and monasteries decorated with the 11th cent. frescos. Visit Avanos town which is famous with Tile and pottery workshops, Sarihan Caravanserai and Uchisar rock castle.

6th. day: Transfer to Kayseri Airport for a flight to Izmir via Istanbul. Transfer to the hotel  in Izmir take a walking tour of Izmir (If time permits) including a visit to St. Polycarp's Church, the oldest church building in Izmir.
Overnight in Izmir.

7th. day: Visit The Agora of old Smyrna and drive to visit Pergamum (Acropolis and the Asclepion the ancient medical center.) Visit Thyatira and return to the hotel in Izmir. Overnight in Izmir.

8th. day: Drive to visit Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea and Hierapolis.
Overnight in Pamukkale.

9th. day: Tour of Ephesus, the world famous great Ionian city, The Churh of Mother Mary where she spent her final days, St. John Basilica and Ephesus Museum.
Transfer to the airport for the return flight.

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